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Strategy, Interactivity, Employee Information and Entertainment Online 
State of Illinois
SAP Project

Working for McKinsey on behalf of the State of Illinois, the ACTS program was the brand developed and marketed for the SAP conversion and implementation, affecting more than 40 government agencies and 600 disparate financial accounting systems.

Blue Cross of Illinois
ICD-10 Project

Developed to inform internal facing audiences as well as external colleagues, the ICD-10 project was a change management implementation affecting all partner networks in the U.S., changing patient profiles to be markedly more accurate with more than 44,000 code applications.

CSL Behring
Corporate Governance

This website for CSL Behring illustrates the company's commitment to service, their clientele and the community at large.  This a typical example of center justified D-HTML with a secure login component allowing employees access to company history, daily bog and E-Magazine .

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